Virgin Media –TV packages

Virgin Media is one of the largest and fastest improving telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom. The company is not just famous for its alone standing Internet connection (it’s the sole provider of the fastest fiber power INTERNET in the country) it also has further great offers and on top of it all, Virgin has some of the highest number of extra features, Apps and services for its clients. This time around we would like to represent you with the various TV package options one can choose from.

virgin media tv

What’s the base?

The good thing in Virgin Media’s packages is that they offer many things all in one. Their packages include the use of their 500 GB TiVo TV management box and they also offer a 50mps to 100MBps Internet broadband alongside their packages. The use of landlines phone is also included with all packages. This includes the option to make unlimited number of calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile land line and mobile phone numbers. The TiVo box offers the luxury of storing, recording and managing programs. Users can also stop, play and rewind TV programs with it on the go.

Player Package:

offered for a mere 29 British Pounds per month for the first year in the case of signing a 12 month contract this package includes all the upper mentioned benefits as a base plus the use of 70 + TV channels.

Mix Package:

you can get this package for GBP 39/month in the first year this package includes the use of 150+ TV channels with Sky on Demand and Netflix (only for subscribers).

Fun Package:

This package is one of the larger and more elaborate packages which offer the use of 190+ TV channels and a 100MBps internet connection along with it. The Fun package also offers a cheaper upgrade to the more improved TiVo called Virgin TV V6 Box which Virgin calls the smartest and smallest and fastest TV management box ever invented. The Fun Package is offered for GBP 49/month in the case of a 12 month contract.

Full House Package:

This package contains a specific selection of TV channels which will make the whole family and every generation very happy. The package includes 245+ TV channels alongside all the upper mentioned benefits in the basics. The internet in this package however is by far the strongest with its 200 MBps extra speed. Get this package for GBP 55/month. This package comes with the new V6 box by default.

VIP Package:

this is by far the most elaborate TV package of Virgin which includes 245 + TV channels and all the Sky Sports and Sky Cinema TV channels, all broadcasting in HD. This package comes with the Vivid 2020 MBps internet paired up with 2 V6 TV management boxes. Out of the 245 TV channels over 50 are in HD by default.

For more information get in touch with Virgin Media by writing to them or calling the featured Virgin Media contact number.