Virgin Media offers

Virgin Media is indeed one of the largest and most elaborate telecommunication companies throughout the whole UK. It’s not only their quality and highly professional services which makes Virgin such a popular choice among millions: it’s also their great choice of packages and additional services. Currently this company is the one that offers the highest number of TV packages which are all customizable and their V6 TV management box is called the best in the market. As an addition Virgin is also famous for the fact that thanks to a very good deal, they are the ones who currently can provide the most modern, fastest internet ever (up to 200 Mbps fibre power internet).

This time around we would like to give you a brief overview of all the services offered by this very special UK telecommunications company.

Virgin Megastore offers

TV packages:

There are currently 5 different packages offered by Virgin media which is a pretty good number. The packages are specifically designed to suit everyone’s wallet and taste. From the smallest Plyer to the largest VIP package the monthly rates vary from GBP 29 to GBP 55. The best rates come with a 12 month contract. All the packages include internet and the use of Virgin’s landline phone system.


apart from its TV packages Virgin offers internet also separately with different constructions. You can either choose from getting internet as part of your TV package, or you can also order internet along with landline phone services. The rates start from 29 to 33 GBP per month. The internet packages vary from Super Fibre 50 offering the usual 50 MBps internet speed and go up to the Vivid Gamer package which offers a stunning 200 MBps internet speed which is by far the fastest connection ever.

Phone and Mobile:

the use of Virgin’s landline phone system is an extra which is included in the use of both the TV and the exclusive internet packages. This service is not offered separately. In the same time there are tons of deals for mobile phone users, as well as great deals which are worth learning about. The subscribers can also buy all sorts of phones or tablets at Virgin and decide to get a SIM only, a Pay Monthly or a Pay as You Go deal along with their phones. The price of the devices also depends on what construction you choose. Of course those, who choose the SIM only would pay the most. The company has specific deals and rates when it comes to the using of mobile internet. Today, subscribers can buy a phone starting from a whopping GBP 11 per month.

Call Virgin Media contact number for any questions or further enquiries or visit their official website on the latest offers.