4G pay monthly plans

These specific mobile phone plans are for those who would like to have a good deal on their phone and want to enjoy the highest amount of benefits offered by Virgin Media. This way, you can get a very new and elaborate mobile device with no pre-payment with its price built in in the monthly sum you need to pay and in return you will get tons of extras which we would like to enlist below.

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Extras in the 4G Pay monthly plans:

Data Rollover:

this is a great offer which is by far only offered by Virgin Media. Rollover means that users can carry on using the unused data for a month and bring it over to the following month. This is a wonderful opportunity because we when do not use a data for a month it would not get lost, like it normally does with other suppliers. That’s why, if you choose the 4G monthly plan, you can be sure that nothing would go wasted.

Free messaging on WhatsApp/ Messenger:

while the use of Messenger is normal, not many know that WhatsApp can only be used for free for a year’s period. However if you choose the 4G monthly plan you can be rest assured that you can carry on using this great phone and messaging system for as many years as you would like to.


this is another great structure only offered by Virgin in the UK so far: this means that once you are contracted, you are not bonded to the same contract for a year or more. You can change your base plan every month, even when it comes to switching to a cheaper plan. This is very good because many subscribers at other companies are contracted for the same package and this can result in subscribers feeling literally engulfed in a package which they would like to change over time.

Free to upgrade to new device:

thanks to the upper mentioned flexibility, subscribers at Virgin Media are also not bonded to keep the same device for years. You can upgrade to have a new device even while you are contracted to a 4G monthly pay plan. The reason for this is because the company counts the monthly rates with an altogether new methodology which includes splitting up the monthly rate: one part you pay is solely for the device while the other part is for the data you use. This way if you have finished paying off your first device then you can switch to a new device even before the contract expires.

Phone insurance

This special telecommunications company also handles phone insurances in an altogether different way: there is an app which is solely for handling your insurance. Paired up with this comes a special insurance helpline too. You can insure any device which you buy as part of a 4G monthly plan and the insurances start from as low as paying only GBP 4 extra per month.

Check out other benefits of using Virgin Media’s mobile phone network and call the Virgin Media contact number or send them an email (not to mention their support chat which is also available throughout the day) if you have any enquiry or if you would like to learn more about all the different mobile phone services and packages offered by Virgin.