All about Virgin Media’s Mobile Network and its benefits

Virgin UK offers some of the most elaborate mobile system in the area of the United Kingdom and there are tons of benefits coming with this. In this article we would like to represent you to all these benefits and we would also like to say a few words on the ways you can order a package or buy a mobile phone with SIM only. And now, let’s get started.

Virgin mobile logo

Virgin Media has become famous for having the best ever and fastest ever internet connection in the whole country. This can be thanked to a very special contract which Virgin could settle early on, this way achieving to get access to the most modern fibre power internet cable connection which is currently the fastest in the world.

4G standard:

Virgin Media was among the first telecommunication companies which have decided to switch to the 4G standard which means the end of the slower and older 3G technology. Today’s mobile devices all work on 4G as a minimum and therefore this is becoming the new standard. This also means that the company offers the best and newest mobile devices, all working with a 4G at a minimum speed.

98% coverage in the area of the United Kingdom:

finally the company could achieve to have some of the best ever coverage when it comes to mobile networks. Today, Virgin is proud to offer a whopping 98% coverage in the whole area of the country. This is an amazing rate and this also means that it’s more than worth to switch for all those who are not yet subscribers at Virgin.

Free Hotspots (250000):

thanks to the great coverage the British telecommunications company can also offer a fantastic number of hotspots in the whole area of the UK. A hotspot means the unlimited use of WiFi even when you are outside, travelling or commuting to or from work. Hotspots are really great because they will help you spare tons of money on your monthly plan and help you roll over all the unused internet to the next month.

Abroad use:

it’s no problem if you want to use your mobile phone outside the country. Today subscribers can use their phone with their monthly pay package in over 170 countries and there is no roaming fee in the area of the European Union. This way now it’s extremely cheap to use your Virgin Media phone in over 30 European countries. In addition you can get an extra discount if you happen to own an EU Travel pass.

Keep your phone number:

If you have started up being a subscriber at a different company and would like to switch supplier on the go it’s no problem to keep your old number. This special telecommunications company now makes it possible for users not having to go through all the difficulties which are general when it comes to entirely changing a phone number.

Call the Virgin Media contact phone number for more information on TV and mobile phone packages.