Virgin Media – the latest offers

Virgin Media is one of UK’s most progressively growing telecommunication companies which is in fact among the largest and most popular companies in the country. Not only does the company have some of the most customized packages and options, it’s also among the very best, when it comes to novelties and offers. This time around we would like to introduce you to some of the latest offers at Virgin Media.

Virgin store showing offers

This UK Telecommunicatons company has some great, innovatige packages on offer for its old and new customers and as an extra it provides superfast internet, high quality TV and attractive mobile and SIM services. The extra offers change regularly, generally once or twice a month.

Full House Package Extra offer :

Virgin offers its Full House package now for GPB55 a month for a whole year. This way customers can save a substantial amount of money. Full House includes over 245 TV channels, many of which are featured in HD and it also offers the chance for its subscribers to have the ability to rewind, pause or record their favorite TV series. This service is powered by Virgin’s TV V6 box that practically works as a management system for your TV. The package comes with an extra Landline including the + Talk Weekends package, which means unlimited calls to both UK landline and Virgin Mobile numbers.

Virgin TV V6 box:

the newest edition of Virgin’s TiVo box is a real upgraded TV manager with fast, reliable service. Now, you can search, record, stream or save your favorite TV shows and series. This device really represents the future for TV viewers.

4G added OOMPH:

the UK telecommunications company now added tons of extras to its mobile packages: these include the revolutionary data rollover option, which means that any leftover data from last month will be added to the upcoming month’s limit. Thanks to its extra flexible plans now, everyone can find the best suitable package for their expectatons at Virgin. And to top it off there are no upfront costs and once you order a device and a suitable package it will be delivered to you the next day. Virgin now covers 98% of UK’s total area, therefore no matter where you are there will be a 98% 4G coverage, within the area of UK.

Extra package offers:

Virgin Media currently offers 5 different TV packages which are all customized to one or more people’s overall flavor.


this is a specific package offered exclusively by Virgin media support which guarantees by far the fastest available bandwidth there exists in the telecommunications market. Virgin Media has exclusive access to the highest speed fiber power internet connection in the United Kingdom. The overall internet speed is up to 200 Mbps.

VIVID 200 Gamer:

this version is specifically for gamers and it offers a standard 200 Mbps internet speed.

Check out the latest offers on the official website of Virgin media and in case you would have any further questions or enquiries don’t hesitate to call one of the Virgin Media Contact Numbers featured on the website.